Emerald the enchanting witch was released in 1972 by Girls world. A very original doll with purple skin and mint green hair, whose gimmick was eyes that flashed in the dark, powered by a battery in her back. The design of her eyes is very interesting. It is the same with Little Miss No Name and Blythe (who also debuted that year). She was 18cm tall and was made in Japan.

She also had her very own little fashions that were also made in Japan as well as a carry case/haunted house, magical items like the disappearing plant, the cauldron and her crystal sphere. According to the packaging and ad she had a Witchmobile as well with light up features but I have never, ever seen that on ebay or anyone's collection so I'm doubting it ever really went into production. Or it might just be extremely rare.

It seems there are two types of witches that differ only slightly. The easiest way to tell is one type has her head pushed down all the way to her shoulders. You can notice the differences in the sculpt only with side by side comparison.

These are all her outfits. They were sold on cards with the name printed at the bottom, or in very beautiful packaging (last picture).

The carrycase and all her accessories.

This is an ad from a retailer's catalogue. You can see some prototype outfits and the Witchmobile!

A word of warning - Emerald witch is rooted with nylon hair. It does not withstand heat very well. If you pour boiling water on it it will melt immediately. Be very careful!