Mr Pascal Kamar gave his last name to his toy company and went on to produce an incredible number of beautiful dolls, plushies and toys throughout the sixties and up to the eighties.

Most notable and popular nowadays are some of the "Living dolls" that debuted in 1968 - four years before Blythe thus the belief they are Blythe clones is entirely unstable.

Not much is known about them unfortunately. They were made in Japan and sold only in the US. They feature a distinctive eye design with soft blue eyeshadow and very original and expressive face sculpts. Their hair is an extremely fine brittle fibre in only a few colours. The most common are two shades of bright orange and the rarest is white. There is also an orangish brown as well as blond. Tia Maria was the only one that came in different rooting patterns - middlepart with bags or sidepart. Gigi Jones sometimes had some hair tucked under her hat.

There are two body sizes, with painted on shoes, and their outfits were mostly made of velvet, lace and fake fur. They were sold in clear tubes and had gold tags of the company's logo tied around their ankles. I'm unsure if they were marketed as fashion dolls to play with or as display toys, as they had no separate fashions at all and Kamar generally made tons of felt bodied dolls with string on their head - obviously only meant for decoration. Well, their clothes were removable with snaps at the back so who knows.

Below is a chart of all haircolour and outfit variations. Sadly my collection is not complete so I'll be filling the gaps with the contribution of fellow collectors, or as a last measure, pics lifted off ebay. Credits will be placed on each image . If you own one of the missing dolls or one of the nude ones wearing her original outfit, please contribute!

After all these years haircolours might have changed due to exposure in the sun - if you get confused, go by shoe or outfit colour to match your doll to a category!

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