Lonely Lisa was made by Royal Doll co. in 1964. Shehas vinyl head, arms and legs and a cloth body, wired for posing. Her main feature is of course her large, sad eyes. Many dolls are given the "Margaret Keane style" description, but she's the one who pulls it off the most. Her ash blonde hair is a great super fine brittle fibre, the same used on Kamar dolls and Little Miss No Name. She seems to have come in so many different dresses however different colour variations of a smocked dress pop up more often. I've heard from a lady that used to own her back in the day that there were also seperate fashions sold for her, but I've personally never seen any on ebay.

There are a few versions of her out there. In 1964 she was made in two sizes, 16 and 20 inches. The mold is the same, only shrunken down for the smaller version, and with similar facial paint. There was a reissue in 1972, again in two sizes, and sadly of inferior quality. The mold is a little off and the screening is rather different, she appears to roll her eyes and has a very stiff pout. There also seems to be a third body size, and a friend has also found one without wiring at all.

She came with a tag around her wrist reading:

My arms long to hold you, I'll bend to your touch. Please take me home. I'll love you so much. I'm lonely, Lisa.

The 1964 card was signed "Miss Rose of Royal" while the 1972 "Miss Elsa of Royal". It seems Miss Rose was the actual designer but Miss Elsa took over in the seventies.

1964 version, the card she came with, the smocked dress, a generic box.

And this is the 1972 version.
A common problem with them is their stuffing. It can shrink or dry out depending on how they were stored and they can also have very distorted wiring, depending on the play they got.

In case you're curious to see, this was my Lisa's auction pic. She was broken in every way you can imagine. All the wires in her body were deformed, some limbs were hanging loose and her neck was broken too. I really thought she was unsalvagable but she turned out lovely. The hime cut came from me too, they were not made this way. I have also dealt with one whose stuffing had gone rock hard, and her cloth body ripped with the slightest pull. And I thought cloth body dolls couldn't break!