Love me Linda is a Lonely Lisa clone made by Vogue in 1965.

She stands 15" tall, and has an entirely plastic, jointed body. She has the same haircolour and fibre as Lonely Lisa. She was sold under two different names:

"Love me Linda" had a molded tear under her eye, a lot of blush and is generally harder to find.

"Pretty as a picture" was sold via Sears and Montgomery Wards mail order catalogs and came with a framed painting of herself which is very hard to find. Some have hard plastic legs and some have vinyl legs, the latter weigh a lot more!

She was featured in the 60s TV series "The Addams Family" as the doll Wednesday gets multiple times for Christmas.

Watch the episode here:

This is the Sears catalogue ad as well as the little painting.

Some pics taken from ebay.