Susie sad eyes was made by various companies, in countless variations, with countless names throughout the sixties. The quality was always bad, which is a little weird, as she was an original doll and not a clone.

Her first version was probably the "Sad eyes doll" that has surfaced in a box or a plastic bag with a paper tag on featuring the same cute illustration. She had shoulder length black hair and wore different colour variations of a polka dot dress with white collar and sleeves. Then came Susie sad eyes, the most common, that wore that dress again in different variations such as blue/black or red/black houndstooth or dark green with white polka dots, in either raven black or light brown haircolours. Then there was Susie slicker, who was dressed in lots of colour variations of the same slicker, usually solids but there are patterns too. This time around there was a blond haircolour as well as the rare orange. There were also several "dress me" type Susies made, with hard plastic bodies that only moved arms. These even came in blue eyecolours and I've seen blondes, brunettes and even white haired ones.

There was also a black version made, sold under the name Soul sister with entirely different outfits.

This was a clone sold with the name Debbie Big Eyes.

I'm unsure what's the deal with this one. She looks more of a Debbie Sad eyes clone but she's better made than her. Maybe Debbie big eyes is a cross clone of this oneand Susie.