Yukko-chan was made by Tomy in 1972. She is 25,5cm tall and has specially designed joints that allow her body to move and pose very well. Many types were released - the most common being the cyclist. There was also a policewoman, a pianist, a ballerina, a seamstress and more.

Lots of seperate fashions were produced for her, as well as a beauty parlon and sewing room/carry case. She had a younger friend named Yoko and a boyfriend named Mabou.

She was also sold in the US via the Sears catalogues as Cycling Cheri, Nina Ballerina and Sweet Polly Pedals and in the UK as Ballerina by Palitoy. These foreign versions were made in Hong Kong, not Japan.

UK, japanese and US versions of the ballerina.

Sweet Polly Pedals

Her boyfriend Mabou. He's beautiful! *_*